Saturday, 10 July 2010

Life to the full . . .in the mundane

So at the moment i dont have am currently wasting 3 of my English pounds for the use of it in my home for one hour. So now of course feel under pressure to come up with something profound in the space of the fifteen minutes I have remaining. Needless to say I probably won't.

Been thinking about a few things of late, for a start, the fact that my summer is looking to be relatively mundane - with not a single foreign adventure planned. Added that to the fact that I'm struggling to make ends meet on part time minimum wage and BOOM. Wild. To be fair Im not the only one in such situation. Even so, felt a bit sorry for myself, envying excited holiday makers wondering around the highstreet purchasing maxi dresses flipflops and suncream so they can go and lie on a tropical beach near the equator and look the part. Meanwhile I shall be serving coffee in its varying forms to the general public, wearing a hideous black polo shirt. Joy.

And then I remember something Jesus said about having life to the full...and im like, ok so what does that like, actually MEAN??

Is it, (like many of the Christian phrases we throw out there) merely a referance to inner contentment that we're all supposed to pretend we understand? Is it simply refering to the fact that we won't spend eternity without God? Is it refering to the kingdom? or covenant? Or the fact that what we're really meant to be doing is walking round with cheesy smiles plastered on our faces whether or not we're feeling crap? Is it that we're meant to just enjoy our life, "take responsibility" and do the things we love to do, and thus have a "full life"?

Life to the full means many things to different people. Does my life look exactly the way I want it to right now? No. There are millions of things I would rather be doing than earning barely enough in a job im not wild
about (and yes, I am "taking responsiblity" and looking for other jobs and not simply being "reactive" etc blahblah), but the fact is, I cant simply jet off to Mozambique or Asia and any of the amazing places I would like to go which to me would be "living life to the full" because at present, it is not physically possible.

Anyway, as we all know, Jesus did not mean "when your bank account is full and you are having a foreign adventure with your husband and seeing poverty eradicated and human traffiking abolished and millions set free healed and delivered, THAT is when you will have life to the full" (although im pretty sure Jesus is well up for all of those things).

What I think he might have meant, is that I can have life to the full, now, in my cafe job, on minimum wage.

Maybe im coming back to the contentment thing. I probably am.

So is life to the full knowing you are completely loved and being free to be 100% who you are and love others no matter where you are who you're with or what you're doing?

Gonna have to end that there due to the fact that the internet will cut out in approx 30 seconds.