Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Form eNcounTer weeKeND reflections . . .

The assumption most of us make when told we are going to have a healing weekend with two hours of extended prayer, is that most of the two days will be spent sobbing on the floor, surrounded by highly skilled spiritual warfare warriors (probably with an MA in “Deliverance”), breaking spiritual ties left right and centre . .. only to rise out of the ashes at the end of it, like a shiny new phoenix. Perhaps a bit of a sweeping statement to say that’s what we all assume, but you know what I mean – I thought it was going to be complicated. What is going on within me that is so complicated and beyond me that I need the professionals to spend TWO HOURS sorting it out? This mentality makes inner healing stuff feel so confusing and inaccessible to the average joe! So perhaps more intrigued than anything, I went along with it, hoping to nail what was secretly wrong with me. Surprisingly then, what the weekend really showed me, was the simplicity of repentance and freedom, and the massive amount of joy that comes with it. We lose out when things get over complicated because of the intellectual way we seem to like to engage with things. Not being much of the intellectual sort myself, I love the fact that we’re meant to enter the kingdom like kids, and have FUN, for goodness sake. Anyway, for me, the encounter weekend involved speaking out forgiveness to people, receiving forgiveness myself, as well as receiving a bunch of exciting prophetic words. (I love prophetic words, its great to hear who God says I have the potential to become – so long as I actually do something about them! Not much point in having a collection of dormant prophecies).

So, yeh . . .to“conclude”, it is very easy to have a scheduled in “event” that we assume is going to change our lives forever. And yes, sometimes they do. However, one does not want to become an “event” junkie – it robs us of the mindset that we can actually walk in that level of freedom daily. Thus, the encounter weekend has not made me into a brand new person, more that, I have had deeper revelation of how free I actually am. God has given me all this freedom, yet half the time I forget to actually occupy it. When you know who you are and what you have, and live like its true every day, nothing can stop you.

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